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ID Theft Safety Tips

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Safety Tips

  • Be aware of your surroundings and look for anyone who does not appear to be there for banking purposes.
  • When you enter your password, position yourself in front of the ATM keyboard to prevent anyone from seeing your PIN number.
  • Put the cash in your pocket and wait until you are in a safe area to count it.
  • Never use an ATM machine in an isolated area or where people are loitering. Always try to have a companion when using an ATM at night and in a low traffic area.
  • When using a drive-up ATM make sure the your passenger windows are closed and all doors are locked

Credit Card Safety Tips

  • Only give your credit card account number to make a purchase or reservation you have initiated. And never give this information over a cellular phone.
  • Never give your credit card to someone else to use on your behalf.
  • Watch your credit card after giving it to store clerk to protect against extra imprints being made.
  • Destroy any carbons. Do not discard into trash can at the purchase counter. Keep charge slips in a safe place.
  • Carry your credit cards separate from your wallet.
  • Save all receipts, and compare them to your monthly bill. Immediately report any discrepancies.
  • Keep a master list in a secure place at home with the account numbers and phone numbers for reporting stolen or lost cards.
  • Always report lost or stolen cards to the issuing company immediately.
  • This limits any unauthorized use of your card and permits the company to begin the process of issuing a new card.

Cyber Shopping Safety Tips

  • Do business with companies you know. Fraudulent companies can appear and disappear very quickly in cyberspace.
  • Understand the order. Make sure you understand the total price, quality being specified, what is being sold, delivery date, return and cancellation price, and all terms of any guarantee.
  • Use a secure browser that will encrypt or scramble purchase information.
  • If there is no encryption software, consider calling the company's 800 number, faxing your order, or paying by check.
  • Never give a bank account or credit card number or other personal information to anyone you don't know or haven't checked out. Only provide information that is necessary to make the purchase. If you have an even choice between using your credit card and mailing cash, check, or money order, use a credit card. You can always dispute fraudulent credit card charges but you can't get cash back.